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An Introduction to
Modern Gestalt Therapy

Dec 10, 2013, 7 pm - 8:30 pm


Many graduate students are introduced to the Gestalt approach through the Gloria movies, and they develop an idea of the Gestalt approach based upon the harsh, abrasive 60's style of Fritz Perls found in that movie. Gestalt has long transcended this 50 year old stereotype, and is now one of the fastest growing therapeutic approaches in the world.

Modern Gestalt work is based upon the development of a highly safe, boundary sensitive, respectful, here and now relationship where the therapist works with the individual, couple, family or organization to support foundational, permanent change. Modern Gestalt is a high impact, powerful, life changing way of working with clients. Its methodology embraces the totality of the diagnostic spectrum, and has been proven to be successful in dealing with the spectrum of diagnosis.


The purpose of this workshop is to introduce interested mental health professionals, students and individuals to the modern Gestalt process which emphasizes safety, sensitivity, and client respect. The workshop is didactic as well as experiential, allowing participants the opportunity to have immediate experience with Gestalt processes.

You Will:

  • Learn about the process of the modern Gestalt approach
  • See Gestalt therapy in action
  • Begin to understand how this powerful force for change works
  • Learn about the roots of Gestalt psychotherapy
  • Undo previous misconceptions about Gestalt gleaned from


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